The Definitive Guide to Silent Auction Fundraisers TravelPledge News

Second, it ensures you have the information you need to send participants a thank-you letter after the auction. On each bid sheet, include a brief acknowledgment of whoever provided the item. But in donations for silent auction , it’s a great way to thank the people and businesses that made your event possible. At an in-person silent auction, bid sheets are typically printed out and placed on the table next to their respective item. Participants can then browse the tables, write down a bid when an item piques their interest, and quickly return to the sheet if they notice someone else outbidding them. Throwing a successful silent auction fundraiser requires careful planning and attention to detail.
That being said, this type of event requires more work from the organizers. There are also physical and audience limitations that you will need to consider. For example, an in-person silent auction will restrict participation to only those present at the event, and your in-person event space will be limited by budget. Unfortunately, paper bid sheets are also much easier to cheat on than an online auction platform. Shop around and choose auction management software that has the customizations, features, and price point your organization needs.
Swap your thank you email for a personalized thank you video instead. Record a thank you message from your founder or weave in clips from your whole team saying thank you for coming to the event. Use our automated video platform to personalize your thank yous and whizz them off to your event attendees. As you gather items to auction, make sure there’s a good mix of values. You want there to be a decent range of pricing at your auction so that everyone can get involved.
With so much at stake, you have to put some serious thought into auction item procurement! Remember, without offering up appealing items for auction, you likely won’t be able to raise nearly as much as you could otherwise. To me, this is no different than a vendor who rents a kiosk and sells goods at your local mall. Depending on what time you stop by the kiosk, you might pay a bit more for the same item that your friend bought an hour ago. And because the kiosk owner is generous, he donates a portion of your sale to his favorite charity. This has been mislabeled as a silent auction to help the company sell items.
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